Quality control | Excellent service

Van Hoorn takes a lot of steps to make sure the right products, with the right quality are delivered at the right time.

Which quality control measures are in place to measure and safeguard the products and services?

Van Hoorn created the HexaChrome Anti-Aging Technology label to help identify quality products. It sums up all the tests and procedures products go through to reach the industry but more importantly the Van Hoorn quality standards.
Products with the HexaChrome Anti-Aging Technology label have the best control of Chromium available in the market.

HexaChrome Anti-Aging Technology

Which steps are taken to ensure sustainable and quality sourcing?
  • A close cooperation with suppliers to make sure the best techniques and additional chemicals are being used. Resulting in significantly more stable leather products.

  • Besides standard chrome VI testing, Van Hoorn subjects the products to enhanced anti-aging testing to determine future oxidation from chromium III to chromium VI.
  • Testing is being carried out by independent agencies like TÜV, SGS and Intertek according to DIN EN ISO standards which indicate if products are free from harmful substances.
  • Testing takes place before shipping at the tanneries and at random arriving at the warehouse.
  • Visual checks are being carried out on arrival and before shipment in order to make sure the colours and textures live up to quality demands set by Van Hoorn.

HexaChrome products have competitive prices and are exclusively available (on stock) at Van Hoorn.