High quality leather | Pigskin, goat and cow lining for shoes


Leather lining for shoes

We supply a wide range of linings from stock in various thicknesses, textures and colours;
·         Pigskin full grain
·         Pigsplit glazed/resin and velour
·         Goatskins, natural and metallic colours
·         Cow leather, natural and semi-natural
·         Chrome and chrome-free tanned leather


Our extensive range of high-quality leather linings and Texon materials for shoes are available in a wide variety of colours. 

Never out of stock

At Van Hoorn, nearly every order is ready for shipment within 24 hours. All colours shown on our website are always on stock to ensure a very fast delivery so we cab shorten the lead time of our customers, thanks to our special never-out-of-stock system. Please check our colour collection to see if your colour is available and feel free to ask for sample materials.

Custom products and colours
For some of our customers, we also produce custom leather products. If you have any special requirements, please take up contact  see what we can do for you.
Texon insole materials
We have been providing Texon materials to the great satisfaction of our clients in the Netherlands and Belgium for over 30 years.